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Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else?

‘Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else?’ It’s the toughest, most evaded question I know. It’s also the question we must all face every day in every business situation. We’re quick to talk about our quality–our service–our operations–our staff, but we’re slow to face this question head-on and determine what it is about our quality, our service, our operations, our staff that makes us different, makes someone want to do business with us, rather than someone else.”

There is no one answer to this question–there are many. This book concentrates on raising the issues, asking the questions and providing the insights and recommendations to assist the reader discover the answers.

“Why Should Someone Do Business With You…Rather Than Someone Else?” has been divided into seven sections to address this question from a variety of vital perspectives.

PART ONE examines our rapidly changing environment–what is changing–the forces that precipitate change and their parameters.

PART TWO gives its attention to you and your customers–how to create better understanding, more profitable relationships. Knowing your customers well.

PART THREE provides a bold and exciting perspective on that age-old subject–marketing, to encourage you to re-examine your marketing strategies and beneficially re-new them.

PART FOUR looks at providing the elusive customer service we all seek. It outlines the strategies to give customers what they really want.

PART FIVE examines one of the most soul-searching questions in the book–who works for you–ambassadors or assassins–and why?

PART SIX focuses on the importance of owning an action-oriented vision–and the necessity of moving it to reality.

PART SEVEN concentrates on the centrality of your role as a leader. You will find that the information included, the experiences of others, the wise words and quotes of those who know, the intrusive questions, will have assisted to strengthen and mobilize your resource–to take action–to make a difference–to create your own future.

Twenty-one questions wait at the conclusion of each part for your own response.

Hardcover, 336 pages. Published by Addington & Wentworth Inc.


“Geist has synthesized what doing business in our rapidly changing world is all about. His clear and focused approach enables the reader to understand the parameters of change; the opportunities it creates and how-to transform it into energy. Geist’s very practical, thought-provoking information takes the mystery out of doing business today, so all business people, big or small can feel very comfortable in their role–and actually do it! The Canadian Home Builders’ Association recommends this book highly as an indispensable resource for success, especially to our many new home builder and renovator members who own small businesses.”

John Kenward, President, Canadian Home Builders’ Association


” ‘Why Should Someone Do Business With You…’ captures the essence of service in the retail sector. Offering a step-by-step guide, it delivers a sound retail strategy that doesn’t just talk about strategy but gives you the foundation from which to build a winning strategy. A must-read for all retailers.”

Diane J. Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada


“Bravo! It is rare to find a book today that actually puts you in the position of being able to analyze the areas that you can improve on to make your business an ongoing success. It’s like having your own personal consultant available at your fingertips. This book is a must for anyone who either runs their own business, or who works in a business that deals with the public in any capacity”.

Dr. Stephen Simms, Millenium Communications Inc.


“In today’s competitive marketplace, a clear and easy-to-follow guide to differentiate yourself, your people, your organization from your competitors is critical. ‘Why Should Someone Do Business With You…’ is such a guide. Not only does Geist assist you reach your goal, he provides encouragement along the way with real life experiences, comments from those who have traveled a similar route and challenging questions to answer. You’ll be delighted at the new view when you arrive at your destination!”

Keith Van Beek, Former President, Toys R Us