Business management expert and best-selling author
Working with organizations to engage, energize and educate

Our speaker today is internationally recognized as an authority in the areas of business management and strategy, leadership and the changing marketplace. He is an entrepreneur, marketing specialist and author of the best-selling business books.  His most recent being “Execute or Be Executed.”

His insights stem from years of front-line business experience, enabling him to address audiences in many industries, ranging from automotive to insurance to technology.

More than a motivator, he is a facilitator and a thought-provoker.  He challenges his audience to think, to plan, and to take action in a disciplined strategic manner within the marketplace that surrounds them.

In recent months he has offered his innovative, future-focused perspective to audiences from Microsoft, General Motors, JP Morgan Chase, and State Farm Insurance to name just a few.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the man who asks tough questions—and provides honest answers — SAM GEIST.