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Frontline = Bottomline

This program outlines specific and workable strategies to better manage your employees—your talent. It focuses on the understanding that your employees drive your organization. They are your front face. By increasing the percentage of producers who work in your organization and decreasing the percentage of destructive “bodies,” your organization benefits immeasurably. Producers speed up the... read more


Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?

This fast paced program focuses on strategies to increase your effectiveness in vital business areas. It challenges participants by asking tough questions, since questioning inspires thought, answering motivates action. It provides the wherewithal to recognize and maximize... read more


Compete for Today. Build for Tomorrow

This program is a positive response to today’s fast-changing and ever-evolving marketplace conditions. It adopts the premise that during these challenging times, (created by accelerated competition and volatile change) you must make smart competitive decisions... read more


Execute… or Be Executed

This program addresses a vital issue in business today: the failure to execute. Recognizing the huge gap between talk and action, this program’s premise is that the engine that drives business today is execution. In order to survive you must execute... read more


Would You Work for You?

This program encourages you to blend together the art and science of leadership with its psychology— enabling you to motivate, to inspire and to ensure your staff take ownership of their roles by highlighting the difference between being a boss and a leader... read more


If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I’ll…

This program provides you with invaluable insights to distinguish your staff and your organization from everyone else in the marketplace by outlining new perspectives and discussing innovative tools to turn your new found knowledge into action... read more


Differentiate… or Die

Transitional times negate the “business as usual” approach. This program enables you to discover your unique point of difference and how you can capitalize on it in a marketplace blinded by overexposure. Presented are viable options to create effective differentiation... read more

The purpose of a business is to get and keep a customer—nothing more... nothing less. How to get them, but more importantly, how to keep them.