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Execute… or Be Executed

"What I now know—it’s time to take charge and move strategic thinking to strategic doing. It’s time to execute."
—Sam Geist



This program is a wake up call. It addresses a vital issue in business today: the failure to execute.

We all talk about what we want to do, about what we’re going to do—but talk doesn’t move ideas. When Sam asks marketers what is their biggest challenge, most reply that it is the struggle to move their strategies to reality. When he asks, “how would you rate yourself (on a scale of 1 to 10 on implementing your strategy?”—he discovers that the average rating is 6.2. The fact is in today’s marketplace 6.2 just doesn’t cut it.

Recognizing the huge gap between talk and action, this program’s premise is that the engine that drives business today is execution. In order to survive you must execute your plans and strategies.

This program helps participants take what they already know and act upon it. It assists them develop a personal step-by-step approach that enables them to implement their strategies successfully into their everyday work lives. How-to execute questions such as the following, are answered: what steps need to be taken… how to get everyone involved in the execution process… what skills are needed… when to start… how to best use available resources to execute… how technology affects execution… how to keep it going… and many, many more.

It outlines the execution process, emphasizing all the perspectives that effect execution: the customer, the organization, the distribution channel, the people, and technology.


  • How would you rate your organization on “execution?”
  • What is getting in the way of implementation?
  • What one action can you take to move yourself and your organization closer to your vision, your goals?
  • What skills are required to move from vision to implementation?


  • Develop awareness. Move talk to action. Execute the strategy.
  • Engage your people—develop their commitment, skills and responsibility.
  • Discover and utilize the most effective tools to maximize performance.
  • Identify the steps to take to move beyond generalities to specifics, beyond talk into action.


By the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize that execution is the driver in business today.
  • Initiate a successful step-by-step approach to execution.
  • Close the gap between plans, ideas, dreams and reality.
“During this 25-city event series, your message truly hit home… your presentation opened our clients’ eyes to issues within their businesses and gave them ideas to find solutions. In addition, it encouraged attendees to implement strategic “doing” to support the success and development of their businesses.”

—Janet M. Hawkins,
Chief Marketing Officer
Chase Business Banking